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Understanding gambling slang

Como destaque na Sloto Store

They say that gambling is as old as civilization itself. In its long history players and casino runners have come up with a lot of expressions regarding games or actions that are not common currency in our everyday language.

In this article you’ll learn some of the most popular casino slang so you are ready next time you talk or chat with a gambling fanatic.

Açao Social: The amount of money wagered (put into action) by a player during an entire playing session. Exemplo: How much action did you put into that casino slot machine today?

Bankroll: The total money a player has available for gambling. Exemplo: After winning that jackpot prize, I doubled my bankroll.

Casino advantage (Também Borda da Casa): The advantage (often represented by a percentage) that the casino has over a player. Exemplo: Blackjack has a casino advantage of 0.05%.

Diabo: The number two in dice or cards. Exemplo: Deuces are wild in this video poker machine.

Expected Win Rate (Também Retornar ao jogador, Pay-back or Pay-out percentage): The total amount (often a percentage) that you are expected to win back in the long run. Exemplo: This casino slot has 99% Win Rate, so you’re likely to win $99 back of every $100 you wager this year.

Holding Your Own: Neither winning nor losing, breaking even. Exemplo: I was able to hold my own after a week in Las Vegas.

Gamarra: Betting system based on doubling-up after each loss. Exemplo: I always use the Martingale when playing Roulette.

Paint card (Também Face card): In poker or card games, Jack, Queen, and King cards. Exemplo: I need a paint card to complete my Blackjack hand!

Snake Eyes: In Craps, when you roll a two, because the two dice look like eyes and they are bad news for the shooter. Exemplo: I shot 3 Snake Eyes in a row, I need a break!

Baleia: A high-roller player that makes very large bets. Exemplo: This table is for whales only, minimum bet $100

Completely crazy over comps!

Como destaque na Sloto Store

Complimentary (comp) points are a traditional way for casinos to reward their players. You get comp points for your wagers on casino games. Those points can later be converted into cash or used to redeem prizes and gifts.

At Treasure Island Jackpots (Sloto Cash Casino Mirror) you begin earning comp points automatically. It couldn’t be simpler. You don’t have to sign up to a special loyalty program as land-based casinos demand you to do; only then to receive a reward card that you must present at every table or casino slot you visit. At Treasure Island Jackpots (Sloto Cash Casino Mirror) the comps are generated as you play from day one.

Os pontos de bônus são essenciais para você ter mais tempo de jogo e maiores chances de ganhar nos jogos de cassino.

Como usar suas composições?

Visite o caixa do Treasure Island Jackpots (Sloto Cash Casino Mirror) e abra a guia "Minha conta". Clique em "Comp Points" para ver quantas composições você tem. Para todas as composições 100, você pode obter $ 1. Você pode resgatar quantos pontos desejar sempre.

Como obter mais composições?

Se você deseja gerar composições a uma taxa mais alta, pode se inscrever em nossa Programa VIP. VIPs get comps at a higher rate on most Treasure Island Jackpots (Sloto Cash Casino Mirror) games.

The importance of comp points

Escola Sloto

A short history of St. Patrick’s day (As featured on

Today millions around the world celebrate St. Patrick’s day but few know the origins of such a celebrated tradition. On March 17th the streets in many cosmopolitan cities such as New York and Chicago will harbor hundreds of thousand participants, as they march through a city painted green.

Mas como tudo começou?

Deve começar com o próprio homem, São Patrício, que, ao contrário do senso comum, não nasceu na Irlanda, mas na Grã-Bretanha que estava sob o controle do Império Romano. Ele foi sequestrado por invasores irlandeses e levado para a Irlanda, onde se converteu ao cristianismo e passou boa parte de sua vida como missionário.

Você sabia que São Patrício não nasceu na Irlanda?

Ele morreu em março 17th, 461 AD to be forgotten for centuries, until legend and myth grew around his name and Ireland adopted him as its patron saint. A common legend tells of St. Patrick’s grand influence in Ireland by driving away all snakes from the island.

St. Patrick é conhecido por ter ensinado sobre a Santíssima Trindade com as três folhas de um trevo (ou trevo de três folhas). No 18th povos irlandeses do século que começam vestindo trevos em seus casacos, para honrar suas origens irlandesas e cristãs. Logo depois, os irlandeses começaram a usar ternos inteiros em verde.

In the 1840’s there was a dreadful famine in Ireland, forcing many to migrate to the United States of America. Over half a million Irish reached New York harbors in this period known as the Potato Famine.

Com uma forte comunidade irlandesa em Nova York, o primeiro desfile de St. Patrick foi celebrado lá em 1762. Hoje é o maior desfile da Big Apple, com mais de 200,000 participando do desfile enquanto desfrutam perto de 3 milhões de espectadores!

Até 90% dos americanos celebram essa data todos os anos!

Junte-se a nós para celebrar esta tradição divertida com o pacote promocional do nosso Dia de São Patrício!

St. Patrick’s Day Casino Bonuses
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A Tradition in Green

Treasure Island Jackpots (Sloto Cash Casino Mirror) Jackpots

A closer look at progressives (As featured on

Most players dream about hitting a large progressive jackpot prize in their lives. The very idea of winning millions of dollars after a single spin is what brings thousands of visitors worldwide to land-based and online casinos. Progressive games have a jackpot prize meter that increases after coins are played on the game. A small percentage of every bet goes to the jackpot prize, allowing it to grow bigger every day!

But how realistic is it to hit a progressive jackpot prize?

The odds vary considerably for each progressive game. The odds of winning a million-dollar progressive range from 1 in 50 thousand to 1 in 50 million! Nonetheless, it is not impossible to win these or lesser progressive jackpot prizes; in fact, there are several winners each year within Treasure Island Jackpots (Sloto Cash Casino Mirror)’s (RTG) progressive network.

Let’s have a look at the different types of progressive jackpot prizes games currently available in online and land-based casinos.

Standalone Progressives

This is certainly the oldest form of a progressive jackpot prize and can be found in small brick-and-mortar casinos. Besides having its fixed pay table jackpot prizes, the casino slot machine also has a progressive jackpot prize that increases based solely on the coins put in that machine. The progressive jackpot prizes on these machines rarely go above a few thousand dollars.

Local Progressives

The next type of progressives is easily found in most casinos. At Treasure Island Jackpots (Sloto Cash Casino Mirror) casino they are called Real-Series casino slots. These games are linked within the casino and the jackpot prizes are feed by the bets placed on these games by players within the same casino. Some local progressive jackpot prizes are random: they do not demand that you hit any special symbols and may be won at the end of any spin of any bet size!

Wide Area Network Progressives

These are the largest jackpot prizes since they are feed by the bets placed on the machines throughout a network of multiple casinos or states. Treasure Island Jackpots (Sloto Cash Casino Mirror), which is powered by Real Time Gaming (RTG), has several multi-million dollar progressives that have been growing thanks to bets placed by thousands of players in RTG casinos. The grand thing is that you can win the entire Wide-Area Network jackpot prize by playing these games at Treasure Island Jackpots (Sloto Cash Casino Mirror)!

In the opposite section we will review the most popular progressive games that you can play today Treasure Island Jackpots (Sloto Cash Casino Mirror). These games have over $5,000,000 in progressive jackpot prizes and are constantly growing. Could this be your luckiest day yet?!

Jogue com um 150% True Jackpot Casino Bonus up to $1,250!
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* Promo demands a $30 min. deposit. It holds 30x casino slots or keno playthrough or 60x on other games. Offer expires on June 30th.

Life-changing Jackpots

Treasure Island Jackpots (Sloto Cash Casino Mirror) School

A new generation of casino slots

We are all familiar with how to win while playing a casino slot machine. Align identical symbols on a pay-line and you expect to receive a payout. For decades this has been the traditional way but this has changed thanks to All Ways Pays (AWP) casino slots!

Online casino slot technology has developed a new type of casino slot with no pay-lines at all and it couldn’t get any simpler. All you have to do is land identical symbols from left to right on the reels. It doesn’t matter where they appear on each reel. Some All Ways Pays casino slots also pay for same symbols running the opposite way, from right to left!

There are clear advantages with this type of casino slots. First, as opposed to traditional casino slots with pay-lines, you don’t pay for each individual pay-line. Your total bet covers all possible pay-out combinations. Secondly, it becomes much easier to keep track of winning combinations as they arise. With some video casino slots having up to 50 pay-lines, it is hard to memorize all possible combinations. With All Ways Pays, just keep looking for those identical symbols from left to right as they emerge.

The number of winning combinations is quite large for this new type of casino slots. For a 5-reel video casino slot with 3 visible symbols per each reel, will have a total of 243 different ways of paying out. The 6-reel All Ways Pays casino slots have a total of 729 payout combinations. And the 5-reel video casino slots with 4 visible symbols on each reel have 1024 different payout combinations!

Treasure Island Jackpots (Sloto Cash Casino Mirror) has now several All Ways Pays casino slots at your disposal:

AWP Slot Winning Combinations
Amor Eterno 243
Samba Sunset 243
Doce 16 243
Super 6 729
The Big Bopper 729
Fucanglong 1024
Panda Magic 1024
A lista de Nice 1024

A New Generation of Slots